Timeshare Regulation

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Timeshare Regulation


Review of the need to regulate the Timeshare Industry.

Terms of Reference

The review of timeshares which was referred to the Commission in December 2006 by the Attorney-General, with the approval of the then Leader of Government Business, is being conducted by the staff of the Commission. A wide variety of literature on the subject matter has been considered and the research to date has identified that the main problems faced in most jurisdictions which have timeshares include

  1. avoidance of existing legislation;
  2. high pressure selling;
  3. lack of cancellation rights;
  4. loss of deposits and pre-payments;
  5. a failure to protect deposits and other advance payments;
  6. unclear information about what is being sold;
  7. failure to provide clear information about the business involved and where to find them;
  8. misleading claims and
  9. financial failure of the business.